This Week in Math (September 18th)

This week in math we are working on counting numbers by 5’s and 10’s and comparing them using the symbols <,>, = .

Image result for greater than less than rules

For extra practice check out this game! (play option “whole numbers”)

Optional IXL tabs to work on include:

A.1 Skip Counting

A.2 Skip Counting Sequences

A.3 Counting Patterns – up to 100

B.1 Comparing numbers up to 100


This Week in Math (March 6th)

This week we are learning how to add two-digit numbers that require REGROUPING.

REGROUPING is what you may have learned as “carrying”. However, in order to understand the concept, we are not simply putting a little bitty one on top of the next column. In REGROUPING, we draw out the numbers using base ten representation and circle when our ones create a “ten”. Then we can count our tens and our ones.

Check out this fantastic teaching video to understand the concept of REGROUPING:

Once you understand the process, it is time for some practice!!!


For Parents: This page gives a detailed explanation of how students learn addition, with good visuals to understand why it is taught a certain way.

This Week in Math (January 9th)

This week we are learning about linear measurement.

Image result for measuring with a ruler

Linear measurement is about measuring lengths, widths, and heights.

In Grade Two, we are being introduced to centimeter and meter. We are learning how to use a ruler properly but also we are learning how to estimate measurements using our bodies.

Did you know a centimeter is about the width of a child’s thumbnail?

Did you know that a meter is about the length of a child’s arm-span?

Have fun this week by estimating and measuring lengths around the house!